Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation is one of the key features of Solution to Management. With the help of this features, the system will be able to automated the flow of each document that has been assigned. The term "Workflow automation" mean that all the documents will be send or receive automatically. Only data must be input and the data can be manipulating, edit, adding attachment and delete automatically.


Workflow automation enhances existing documents driven business, project process, improving productivity of the worker and business process insight. Benefits emerge quickly as documents and other business content are directed automatically to the right place at the right time with email notifications simplifying collaboration and improving efficiency throughout your organization.

Each document will be sent to the next person according to the flow that has been assign in the workflow. The task will not be complete if the document is not being through all the workflow. Each of file document has a different task that been assign and will be sent to designate person.

This Feature will make the job become less energy consume. Job that been assign become more systematic and more diligent. Staff can handle all the data manipulation involving the step and flow of the approver that will give permission to the job been set.

Workflow can be assign to one or more user whether sequential or parallel. There is no limit on the number of workflow. Each user must complete the task that has been assign to them within stipulated time without worrying to disturb another task.

This allowing the user to be more precise and complete all the given task. Schedule will be generated based on priority of each workflow. The status of workflow will be changed based on the last amendment by approver.