S2M Can Be Access Anywhere Anytime Any Platform Comfortablely.

Workflow That Just Works

No matter what your platform, no matter where you keep your content, S2M workflow automates your processes, so that everyone along the process can connect, collaborate and keep on working.

Cloud We designed a hybrid system and workflows to connect to all your content wherever it is through the cloud, and keep work flowing.

SharePoint Automate workflows using SharePoint, so you can keep projects and processes moving without all the manual work.

Office Integration We have seamless integration with Microsoft Office and use your Office apps, documents and data to get more done. Save time, hassle-free.

Module Feature

Human Resource

System that work with Human Resource management that will ease the work that have.


System that will help the Finance to easier calculating the staff salary.


System that set all the approver at the project site to be more systematic.

Project Planner

System that help the Project Planner to send the file more systematic and paper less.


Services that will help and reply all the question or request that been sent.


Notification that will receive by all the worker so that work will be go smoothly.

Some Of Our Technology Partners