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Application Of Leave

Application of leave is a system that developed for the user to apply for leave such as annual, medical, paternity, emergency etc.). This system will ease the job of administration of the company. This system can be used in any platform either mobile phone, desktop and Tab, so the applicant can apply leave anywhere and anytime. This System is linked to user company email. Leave approval status and cancellation will be notified by email. The level of approver can be adjusted.

The user applies leave through the system by filing all the information needed for application. The application will be assigned to the 1st level approver for view, if the leave has been approved then it will be send to the second level approver. The flow will go on until the last approver. If any of approver reject the leave, email notification will be send to applicant. Other than that, approver can return the form to applicant for change date or ask for attachment for supporting document.