Frequently Asked Questions

You can upload, download and modified file such as PDF, Note, Drawing and Microsoft Office file. S2M can manipulate the file that have in the storage.

S2M Help the management and daily task employee become easier. Each application or document that need approval will be send through email. The work will become more smooth and systematic.

S2M using the latest version of SharePoint 2016. There are a lot of feature that supported in the S2M system, other than older SharePoint feature. SharePoint are of the Product of Microsoft, so SharePoint able to associate will any other Microsoft application.

S2M system is a customized solution that can meet your requirement. There is multiple way of uploading such as drag, drop, and custom web part form.

The only charges are the man-hour has spent to make the customization.

This system use the most Straight forward step for user. S2M system is created to make the user easy to access and make changes of their file.

Yes, S2M system can be access from anywhere, any platform and anytime. S2M only need internet to be access.